Honest and trustworthy
Honesty is our core values, is the cornerstone of our culture, is our high quality, is our foundation in business. The company advocates the comprehensive concept of good faith, good faith to the shareholders, the good faith to the customer, the good faith to the staff, the good faith to the society.

Results oriented
Insist on performance of the values of the first, the pursuit of a balanced, comprehensive, high quality performance, advocated "no growth, no business is not good business performance of the team is not a good team."

The customer is supreme
Carefully safeguard the rights and interests of customers and consumers, strictly abide by business ethics, fair competition, and strive to provide more quality, more environmental protection, more personalized products and services, continuously exceed customer expectations.

Thanksgiving return
Chang huaikang Thanksgiving heart, to fulfill the social responsibility as "the pursuit of" beyond profit, to create "investors trust, love, social respect, public praise" excellent corporate image, be an example to the society as a whole enterprise.



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