YM-1915 19x15W LED Big Bee Eyes Light

1.19 * 15W RGBW LED Quad
2. The seamless mirror plate design (resembles a honeycomb)
3. The high-performance LED dyeing and balance beam image effects
The spectacular effects such as "Kaleidoscope", "swirl", "waistline"
5. beam dyeing free switching, 4-60 degrees super zoom range
6. each LED can be controlled individually
7. The front lens can rotate bi-polar
8. color temperature can be linearly adjusted 2500-8000K

Voltage: AC100-240V 50 / 60Hz
Optical system
19 RGBW 4in1 LEDs
Single LED: 15W, single LED can point control
Lamp beads average life: 50,000 hours
Electronic zoom range: 4-60 °
Color temperature: 2500-8000K can be linear regulator
Functional effects
Dyeing, beam, image effect pattern
(Vortex, kaleidoscope, waistline)
The front mirror plate can be bi-directionally rotating Promise
0-100% linear electronic dimming
Strobe speed adjustable, with instant darkfield capabilities
Slowest: 1 times / sec
Fastest: 25 times / sec
RGBW color automatic correction
Control and programming
3-pin / 5-pin DMX512 signal
Hand in Hand Power Input Output
Channel effects stored a variety of built Shape
Five kinds of channel control mode:
Standard mode / 21 channel
Shape mode / 35 channel
Expansion mode / 35 channel
RBGW expansion mode / 97 channel
Complete mode / 92 channel
Angle of movement
Horizontal scan: 540 ° electronic Correction
Vertical scan: 210 ° electronic Correction
Light body appearance
Mirror plate design seamless, non-spherical lens structure
Light Material: ABS + flame retardant
Color: Black
LCD display
Weight: 15KG

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